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Keeping your website secure and making you money.

You've got your new website and you want to ensure it performs at its very best, right?

Websites need a lot of attention to get the best out of them - software updates, security patches, hosting issues, content updates

In order for your website to succeed you’ll need to stay up to date with the latest technology, set up and monitor a web server, keep track of software updates and licences, and implement tight security measures to keep your website safe.

Most business owners simply don’t have time for this and want to focus on what they do best, so I offer a tailored Aftercare package for all websites I build – it’s a pick and mix of what you want depending upon what aspects you want to manage yourself.

The main Aftercare elements include:-

Pricing Plans

All Aftercare plans are tailored to each and every customers but to give an indication of costs I’ve listed the most popular plans below…..


from £10

Per month

Includes the following:-


from £15

Per Month

Includes Essential elements + 


from £25

Per Month

Includes everything +

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